D-Day 360 (PBS) Groundbreaking graphics reveal the reality of landing on Omaha Beach                 Dir: Ian Duncan

The Halo Trust - Angola  Prince Harry assesses the problems                                                 Dir: Charlie Gauvain  

The Halo Trust - Afghanistan  Where it all started in 1988                                                            Dir: Charlie Gauvain

How DNA was discovered  (HHMI) The ultimate explanation                                                      Prod: Rob Whittlesey

D-Day - As it Happens  (Ch4) 24 hour  multi-media TV spectacular                  Dirs: Joe Myerscough/Martin Gorst

Attack of the Zeppelins (Ch 4)- World War 1’s aerial threat and how it was overcome             Prod: Ian Duncan

The Halo Trust - Cambodia 25th anniversary tribute to the landmine charity                               Dir: Charlie Gauvain

Bread & Jam (BBC East) - How climate change is  affecting cereal & fruit crops                        Dir: Frank Prendergast

The Autism Project (Cambridge University)  a web based teaching tool to recognise emotions   Dir: Kate Baron

Mark & Iona -  Independent drama featuring a discharged soldier returning to his roots                Dir: Julie Bates

The Mystery of Matter (Mereno-Lyons Prods)  Scientific pioneers                                                   Dir: Steve Lyons

Air Aces – George Beurling  Biopic of the RAF Canadian Ace                                                                    Dir: Nigel Levy

Air Aces – Douglas Bader Revisiting the life of a War Hero                                                                   Dir: Nigel Levy

Escape from Colditz (C4) Would the glider have flown?                                                                         Prod: Tom Cook

Costa Concordia – Terror at Sea (C4) Victims recall the disaster                                                           Dir: Marc Tiley

Megafamilies (Nat Geo) 17 kids – How do they cope?                                                                         Dir: Hayley Smith

Fatal Attractions 2 - My Pet Hyena -  An unusual pet, but tragic for some                      Dir: Marc Tiley
Fatal Attractions 2 - Dean Ripa/Joe Slowenski - More mishaps                                    Dir: Hayley Smith
Fatal Attractions 2 - James Bear - who put snakes before his family                          Dlr: Nigel Levy
Dambusters - Building the Bouncing Bomb (C4 2011) Can we better it today?             Dir: Ian Duncan
Fatal Attractions - Snake Junkies -  it only takes a split second                            Dir: Anna Thompson
Fatal Attractions - Bears & Wolves  -best not to invite them to dinner                        Dir: Nigel Levy
Fatal Attractions - Tigers 2 (Nat Geo) More shocking stories                                   Dir: Nigel Levy
Fabric of the Cosmos (PBS 2010/11) New science with Brian Greene        Series Prod: Joe McMaster
Hip Korea - Kim Yuna (Discovery) Profile of Korea's gold medal skating hope             Dir: Nigel Levy
NEC Unified Communications (CNN) More amazing technology from NEC               Dir: Ian Taylor
Science Now - Origins of Life (WGBH 2010) New revelations                              Dir: Vin Liota
Fatal Attractions - Big Cats (Nat Geo)  Best left in the wild?                                Dir: Anne Sommerfield
Fatal Attractions - Reptiles (Nat Geo) When things go wrong at home                       Dir: Niger Levy
Big Bigger Biggest - Domes (C5) How the Romans did it                                         Dir Ian Duncan
Paper Billie (Eye) pilot for a charming new childrens TV series                             Dir: Frank Prendergast
Big Bigger Biggest - Ferris Wheel (C5) What makes the wheel turn?                           Dir: Martin Gorst
The Peoples Pub - Greyhound (2009) Can the customers run their own pub?        Dir: Peter Gauvain
1-400 War Room  (PBS)The Japanese submarine aircraft carrier to bomb New York     Dir: Eric Stange
The Trials of Amanda Knox (2010) Politics & the media muddy the waters         Dir: Garfield Kennedy
3 Minute Wonders (C4 ) Contemporary dance pieces for 'The Place' prize          Dir: Peter Gauvain
NOVA - Stonehenge (WGBH) Do we need to rewrite the history books?              Dr: Gail Willlumsen
Generals at War (C5 ) Innovative analysis of six great battles      Prods: Kate Barker & Ian Duncan
Britain's Closest Encounters - Alderney lights (CS 2006) ufo mystery                         Dir: Nigel Levy
5 Seconds and Respect (Highways Agency 200S) Road Safety films              Dir: Frank Prendergast
Beijing Diaries (Panasonic) Four Olympic commercials for the electronics giant              Dir: Nigel Levy
The Last Dambuster (C5 2008) Drama inserts for this portrait of George Johnson      by Cy Chadwick
Mitsubishi - Quality Control (Densu 2008) worldwide Corporate message               Dir: Nigel Levy
NEC - Hanis & Pasollnk (Densu 2008) cnn commercials far NEC innovations             Dir: Nigel Levy
Impossible Journey (Eye-C5) Prepanng in Greenland for North Pole attempt      Dir: Frank Prendergast
Ricoh Australia (Ricoh) How Ricoh solved WooJworth's copying problem               Dir Nigel Levy
The Human Ape (Nat Geo ) Where did it all go wrong for chimpanzees?             Dir. Martin Gorst
Sea of Fire (BBC 2) Drama about the sinking of HMS Coventry to the Falklands     Dir: lan Duncan
Dispatches - Gordon Brown (C4) What we need to know about the ex-P.M.        Dir: Simon Berthon
Richard is my Boyfriend (C4) Tug of love drama about disabled girl's sterilisation        Dir: Ian Duncan
NEC (CNN) Infomercials for the leading Japanese electronics company           Dirs: Nigel Levy/Tan Taylor
NOVA - The First Flower (WGBH) Where did fowers come from?                    Dir: Doug Hamilton
The Da Vinci Detective (C4) A Lost Leonardo hidden behind a wall in Florence?          Dir: Nigel Levy
Absolute Zero (BBC2)    The quest for one of science's Holy Grails                        Dir: David Dugan

Machines of War - Cruise Missile (NG) A history of a very modem weapon             Dir: Rob Hartel
The Secret of Eel Island 2 (C5) 13 more adventures on the Norfolk Broads    Dir: Frank Prendergast
3 Minute Wonders - Last Orders (C4) Alternative plans for body disposal       Dir: Jason Hendriksen
The Devil's Challenge (More4) Can Malcolm Maclaran change your mind?            Dir: Simon Howley
Lab X (BBC 4) What really went on at Porton Down in the fifties                            Dir: Saskia Baron

Hannibal Of the Alps (NG/C5) Dramatised biography of the Great General       Dir: Richard Bedser

Patrizio (Universal Music) 4 music videos of the popular Italian crooner                    Dir: Kevin Hewitt

Warlords (C4) Churchill, Stalin, Hitter & Roosevelt try to outwit each other               Dir: Simon Berthon

True Horror with Anthony Head - Witches (Discovery) a bloody history              Dir: Nigel Levy

The Secret  of Eel Island (C5) 23 part children's adventure in The Broads          Dir: Frank Prendergast

Born With Two Mothers (C4) IVF mix up and its tragic effects                               Dir: Ian Duncan

Mayday! - Blow Out (C5) Mid-air drama as BA pilot is sucked out of plane            Dir: Nigel Levy

Running Away to the Circus (ITV) a year with Robert Bros Circus             Dir/Carnera; Mike Coles

Virtual Mummy (BM/C5 ) whats inside? • we can tell you !                                  Dir: David Dugan

Newmarket Women (ITV) Horsey women who make the pace                      Dir: Frank Prendergast

Margo Led better - Beyond the Box (BBC) Her Life since the 70’s                        Dir:  Margy Kinmoth

Death of a Scientist (C4) Tom Mangold investigates Dr David Kelly                          Dir: Chris Oxley

The Theory of Everything ( u.s. The Elegant Universe) (C4 - WGBH) String Theory -

                                   Can It answer all the questions?                         Dirs: David Hickman/Joe McMaster

Revealed - Bridge over the River Kwai (C5) Built at terrible cost                       Dir: David Hickman

Horizon - Percy Pilchers Soaring Machine (BBC) The First Flyer?                         Dir. Dan Clifton

Men of Iron (C4) Brunel & Stevenson - engineering giants                                               Dir. Ian Duncan

Inventing The Past - Chariots (C4) Can we rebuild them?                                          Dir: Michael Barnes

Inventing The Past - Greek Fire (C4) Byzantine secret weapon                                 Dir: Mark Lewis
DNA (C4) Pioneers who changed the world                                  Dirs: David Glover/Carlo Massarella

Revealed - Allies who fought  for Hitler (C5) Changing sides                                    Dir: Ian Duncan
Horizon - Stone Age Columbus (BBC 2) Europeans the first Americans?                  Dir: Nigel Levy
The Anatomists(C4) From Leonardo to Gunther Von Hagens                                    Dir: Mark Lewis

The Volcano that Blew the World Away (C4) Disaster for the Minoans                  Dir. Martin Gorst
Learning to love the Grey (BBC) Science drama series                                                  Dir: Nigel Levy

Secrets of the Dead- Plague Riddle (C4) why some survived                              Dir: Emma Whitlock
Sea Smart (COI ) Seaside safety films for the summer                                        Dir. Frank Prendergast

Commando (C4) World War n beginnings of the SAS                                              Dir: Kate Barker

Allies at War (C4) Churchllls relationship with De Gaulle                                           Dir: Simon Berthon

Secrets of the Dead - Isandlwana (C4) New truths about Zulu Wars                           Dir: Mark Lewis
Ultimate Guide to Pyramids (Disc overy)  All you need to know                              Dir: Steve Gooder

Medical Mysteries - Conjoined Twins (BBC 2) ethical dilemmas                      Dir: James Vanderpool

The Dual (C4 2000) Hitler v Churchill - May 1940                                                      Dir: Simon Berthon

Secrets of the Dead Witches (04 2000) Salem, was ergotism to blame?                Dir: Mark Lewis
Lineker and Ginola (COI ) Government drug awareness project                     Dir. Jonathan Gershfield

The Day the World Took Off (C4 ) History of the Industrial Revolution                         Dir: David Dugan
Knife Edge (Sky) Dramatic accidents and Medical Miracles                                         Dir: Nigel Levy

Ultimate Guide to Weather (Discovery) and all its extremes                                   Dir: Paul Simons

Ultimate Guide to House Cats (Discovery) A Secret Society                                Dir: Karen Partridge

The Curse of the Methuselah Tree (C4 ) The Oldest Tree's story                              Dir: Ian Duncan
Superhuman (BBC 2) Robert Winstons follow-up to The Human Body           Prod: David Hickman
Equinox - Space Junk  (C4) 5000 tons of deadly trash                                             Dir: Patrick Fleming

The Real - Jesus Christ (C4) Fact and/or fiction                                                       Dir: Patrick McGrady

Classic Albums - Phil Collins- Face Value (ITV) Making of the Album                      Dir: Jeremy Marre
Secrets of Lost Empires - Obelisks (WGBH) How were they raised?                               Dir: Julia Cort
Dyslexia (C4) Disability or Asset?                                                   Dirs: Dan Clifton & lain MacDonald

Secrets Of Lost Empires - Roman Bath (WGBH) Super-Plumbers                              Dir: Nancy Linde
Rush - An Oral History of Street Drugs (C4) Personal views                                      Dir: Ian Duncan
Disaster - JAL123 (BBC) Dramatic mid-air mishap in Japan                                           Dir. Nigel Levy

Equinox - Big G (C4) The force of Gravity                                                             Dir: Paul Sapin

Disaster Special - The Millennium Bug (BBC) The clock is ticking                             Dir: Nigel Levy
Equinox - Russian Roulette (C4) Russia's failing nuclear defences                           Dir: Dan Chambers
Secret History - Bent Coppers (C4) The Met In the 70’s                                           Dir: Dan Korn

Disaster - Bristol Royal Infirmary (BBC) Mysterious Child Deaths                            Dir: Bryn Higgins
Diana - Her Story (ITV ) Christmas Biography                                                   Dir: Andy Stevenson

UN World Food programme Sudan (United Nations) Appeal Commercials                 Dir: Jezz Startup

Disaster - Challenger (BBC) Reconstruction of Space Shuttle loss                                Dir: Bryn Hlggins

Secret Lives - L Ron Hubbard (C4) Biography                                                Dir: Jill Robinson

Equinox - Sun Storms (C4) A new threat?                                                       Dir: Dan Chambers

Ultimate Guide to Ants (Discovery) Busy-bodies                                             Dir: Karen Partridge

Escape (BBC ) A History of Transport Safety                                           Dirs: Nancy Linde/David Dugan

The Crimean War (C4) Seeds of European Strife                                                 Dir: Mick Gold

Miss Monday (Metropolitan Rims) Feature Film - Stalking Drama                                  Dir: Benson Lee

Oil on Canvas (BBC 2) 6 part history of Art Techniques                                                    Dir: lan Duncan

Horizon - Hopeful Monsters (BBC 2) Super-gene research                                         Dir: Bryn Higgins

Secret History - Lords of the Underworld (C4 ) 60’s Gangland                           Dir: Simon Berthon
Classic Albums- Paul Simon's Graceland (BBC) African politics & music                Dir: Jeremy Marre
The Real Bionic Man (Discovery) Science Fiction or Reality?                                        Dir: Robert Davis

Ultimate Guide to Elephants (Discovery) Wild, but not a wildlife documentary          Dir: Ian Duncan
Secret History - Harold Wilson (C4) what you didn't know                                    Dir: Simon Berthon
The Search far Atlantis (Discovery) Where the devil is It?                                            Dir: Sarah Marris

Time-watch - The Projection Racket   Dlr; Chris Spencer

Bookmark - The Roots of Alex Haley   Dir: James Kent

Sister Wendy's Story of Painting  Dirs: Emma D’Ath/Tim Robinson

Arena - The Burger and The King      Dir James Marsh

Very Jean Muir    Dir: Geoff Dunlop

Picture This - Playing Out Dir: Ian Duncan

Subterranea  Britannica   Dir: Geoff Dunlop

QED-John's Not Mad   Dir: Valerie Kaye

Inside Story - Ordinary people  Dir: Angela Pope

Ustinov with Pavarotti  Dir: Philip Saville

John Tavener - Glimpses of Paradise  Dir: Geoff Haydon

Extraordinary People - McCluskigung  Dir: Andy Stevenson

Dancing   Dir: Geoff Dunlop

The Secret Life of Machines  Dlrs: Nigel Maslin/Frank Prendergast

Equinox - The Elements  Dir: Ian Duncan

The Encircled Sea  Dir: Geoff Haydon


P  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N    L  I  S  T

P R O D U C T I O N S   A S   C A M E R A M A N   F R O M   T H E   L A S T   F E W   Y E A R S