The Secret of Eel Island - Eye Film & TV

When Scott moves to a new house opposite the mysterious Eel Island, he cannot wait to explore.

Once home to the secretive eel catchers, the island is now apparently deserted, although

rumours abound of the ghost of a little girl who guards its shores. But Scott discovers the last inhabitant of Eel Island is no ghost when he comes face to face with eight year old Sapphire, a fiercely free spirit, quite unlike anyone he has ever met. Together, in a world hidden from adults, they will share many adventures as they fight to protect the Secret of Eel Island.

26 x 15mins  Channel 5

Superlative new children’s drama”  The Observer


Running Away to the Circus - Eye Film & TV  (Director/Cameraman)

The smell of the greasepaint - the roar of the crowd ....  We join Marie Reilly a young Scottish actress as she joins the

Roberts Brothers Famous Circus - The New Generation, for a year on the road as ringmaster. From the frantic rehearsals in icy February to the final performance in November we share the ups and downs of a touring circus.

300 performances from Macclesfield to Brighton - Stamford to Norwich.

10 x 30 mins  ITV

‘’You can almost smell the greasepaint….’

Heroes of the Skies - Blink/Cineflix

During the early  years of World War Two Allied air power was critical in holding the Nazi military at bay before

a counter-offensive could be launched. At first the Luftwaffe was superior in machines and tactics, but thanks to

‘The Few’ - the RAF pilots of Fighter Command  and their senior officers, they never won control of the skies over Britain.

The first two  of six one hour episodes of this compelling series looks in depth at the complex personalities of two of those pilots -Canadian George Beurling and Douglas Bader  and discovers how they were able to match the Axis powers with innovative airmanship and tactics and finally , in all parts of Europe, overwhelm them. The programmes feature groundbreaking  CGI tactical analysis of air battles, dramatic reconstruction, and with testimony of surviving pilots, gets under the skin of the men who achieved the impossible.

Various Awards

Escape from Colditz - Windfall Films

One of the most audacious escape plans concocted by British prisoners of war at Colditz ­- a glider made of sleeping bags, gramophone springs and porridge - has been recreated for a TV programme.The glider, nicknamed the Colditz Cock, was still under construction in a tiny attic at the prison when the castle was liberated by American forces in April 1945. As a result, its launch, planned for later that spring, never took place.A documentary on Channel 4 this summer will recreate the construction of the glider and launch it, though modern health and safety restrictions mean that only ‘Alex’, a dummy, will be its lone passenger.The Colditz Cock was the brainchild of Tony Rolt and Bill Goldfinch, PoWs who realised that a glider could be launched from the chapel roof to fly across the River Mulde without being seen by the Germans. Re

Multiple Awards

alised that a glider could be launched from the chapel roof to fly across the River Mulde without being seen by the Germans.

True Stories - The Trials of Amanda Knox -  Eye Film & TV

In 2009, in Perugia Italy, in a trial that gripped the world, American student Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of the brutal murder of Knox’s flatmate, British student Meredith Kercher.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison; she maintained her innocence from the outset. This film, exclusive to the True Stories strand, gained intimate access to the Knox family and their friends for almost two years, beginning just after her arrest in November 2007. It also includes extracts from letters Amanda wrote while awaiting trial and offers a unique insight into her life, getting behind the sensational headlines to answer the crucial question - who is the real Amanda Knox and was she really capable of murder?

Following much controversy over forensic evidence, the police investigation and the role of the media and judiciary, Amanda’s conviction was overturned on appeal and she was released on October 3rd 2011 and returned to the USA.

On the morning of January 19th 1915 two German Zeppelin airships, the L3 and L4 took off from Fuhlsbüttel , near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Both airships carried 30 hours of fuel, 8 bombs and 25 incendiary devices. They had been given permission by the Emperor Wilhelm II to attack military and industrial buildings in the east of England. The Emperor had forbidden an attack on London due to concern for the Royal family to whom he was related.

The two German Zeppelin airships crossed the Norfolk coastline at around 8.30pm. Having crossed the coast the L3 turned north and the L4 south. The incendiary bombs were dropped to enable the pilots to navigate to their chosen locations Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn where they dropped their bombs.

A total of nine people were killed and some buildings were damaged. But the effect of the raid on a population who were used to battles being fought by soldiers on the battlefield was immense.

This is the untold story of the Zeppelin attacks and how the Royal Flying Corps eventually got the upper hand.

Winner Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2014

Attack of the Zeppelins - Windfall Films

The Autism Project - Cambridge University

An important new Europe-wide project to teach emotion-recognition to people within autism spectrum conditions.

This web based project uses actors and computer game formats to help the user recognise emotions, a life skill that they usually find difficult.

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  D    P  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N  S    A  S    C  A  M  E  R  A  M  A  N  (  3  )