Born with Two Mothers - Windfall Films

A white woman gives birth to a black baby following a mix-up in a fertility laboratory.

This innovative docu-drama uses real doctors and lawyers alongside actors to imagine what

might happen.Two couples go for fertility treatment to a British IVF clinic on the same day.

One couple is black, the other white.The white woman is mistakenly given one embryo from

the black couple, and two of her own. She becomes pregnant - but the clinic do not know whose

embryo is growing inside her. The black couple do not achieve a pregnancy. The medical team

have to decide whether and what to tell each couple. Nine months later, the white woman gives

birth to a black baby boy, Joe.

The Da Vinci Detective - Darlow Smithson

The Da Vinci Detective was a feature length documentary for Channel 4, commissioned as the channel’s

response to the Da Vinci Code phenomenon.

At it's heart it was a scientific thriller, telling the story of forensic scientist and art historian

Maurizio Seracini as he explored two mysteries surrounding masterpieces created by Leonardo Da Vinci -

The Adoration of the Magi  and the lost Battle of Anghiari. One reviewer called it a blockbuster,

and it was designed to be big.

The locations were on occasion epic and the art on display was uniformly stunning.

Channel 4

Hannibal of the Alps - Atlantic Productions

218BC... Hannibal the Carthaginian is planning to cross the Alps with an army of soldiers and elephants

to invade Italy and destroy Rome, Since taking an oath of eternal enmity to Rome at the age of nine

he has dedicated his life to the cause.

Still in its infancy, Rome faces annihilation at the hands of one of the greatest commanders of all time.

But as this drama-documentary based on the latest research reveals, Hannibal's war paradoxically

helped Rome become an empire.  1 x 120 mins

Richard is my Boyfriend - Windfall Films

Should a woman with learning disabilities be sterilized to allow her relationship to continue with sexual freedom?

Anna Taylor is 24 and has a learning disability. To her mother she is a child of 5 who should be kept away from men. But when she is rushed into hospital, it is revealed that she has suffered a miscarriage. She met Richard, the man who made her pregnant, at her Day Care Centre. Richard has Downs Syndrome, and the care workers there encouraged the relationship to develop.

Following the miscarriage, Anna's contraceptive options are severely limited - sterilisation would be the procedure of choice. Is Anna's relationship with Richard pleasurable and valuable - or abusive and illegal? Would sterilisation liberate her, or make her susceptible to further abuse? A judge decides.  1 x 120 mins

The Curse of the Methuselah Tree - Windfall Films

“I am not part of history. No. History is part of me.” This is the story of the oldest living thing on earth and its unique view of human civilisation. With narration and specially-commissioned poetry by Roger McGough.

This original film combines beautifully shot footage of Methuselah, the 26-foot bristlecone pine, with reconstructions of the thousands of years it has witnessed. And for the first time this 4,643-year-old is given his own voice.

Hear the tree's perspective on the passing of ancient civilisations, the settlement of America by Europeans and the testing of atom bombs 100 miles away in the Nevada desert.      1 x 60mins    Channel 4

Men of Iron - Windfall Films

They change the British landscape at will, and accelerate every aspect of life. One man emerges as a true colossus among them – although he is only 5ft 3”. Isambard Kingdom Brunel has an insatiable desire to build things that other engineers claim are impossible.

Brunel is not just an engineering genius, he is also a showman - flamboyant, arrogant and filled with a fiery temper.

The other giant in the engineering world is Scotsman Robert Stephenson - who couldn't be more different: meticulous, careful and by the book.

Their story is one of friendship and intense professional rivalry - and when it ends they will have changed the world forever.

3 x 60mins

"...an extraordinarily powerful film.."
The Observer

"...heart wrenching performances from a superb cast...a raw and uncompromising script...plays havoc with your preconceptions and challenges your prejudices."
Time Out

"Quality documentary that analyses Hannibal's exploits almost as lavishly as it recreates them. The battle sequences and snowy trudge across the Alps complete with elephants don't skimp on upmarket production values and huge CGI. Engrossing."
The Daily Telegraph

"This accessible and remarkable film charts the rise of one of the most audacious warriors of all time."
Daily Mail

"This is gripping, sometimes harrowing stuff."   The Observer

"This was television drama at its best” British Medical Journal

"The viewer was never allowed to feel that the decision was inevitable, or even necessarily right. It was rich in thought and feeling, but it never allowed itself the luxury of certainty." The Independent

"Hard to tell where the script ended and improvisation began, and it didn’t really matter one way or the other. It all melded together seamlessly... and the tension was sustained until the very end." Daily Mail

"Part science, part history, part ecology, part reflection on the transitoriness of existence, this strange haunting film could not have come at a more appropriate time."
Daily Mail

"A beautifully shot film" Evening Standard

"A gentle film that nonetheless grapples with the issue of our own mortality" The Guardian

"Visually ravishing" The Daily Telegraph

"Men of Iron is absolutely gripping stuff, the story of the great engineers of the Victorian era,

men justifiably described as the makers of the modern world."
Daily Mail


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